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Document translation
Translation: Technical, medical, legal…

Translation is the heart of all our services, one that beats strong!

Our team of experts will support you throughout the document translation process. Whether you need advertising copy, a product catalogue, medical documents or legal documents, our team will work with you to understand your communication context, terminology and style to meet your expectations.

  • General content
  • Medical and technical content
  • Communication
  • Legal and certified documents
  • And more…
On-The-Spot translations

Receive a quick translation for your social media updates, emails, newsletters and internal communications with the On-The-Spot translation solution. With our network of qualified linguists, we can deliver small quality translations at the drop of a hat. Enjoy swiftness and simplicity!


A second opinion can be key when it comes to crucial content for any platform. To make your translated text ready for publication, your text will go through proofreading and revision to ensure that the end result is suitable. In addition to the initial round of checks carried out for information only, translation for publication will involve secondary checks undertaken independently by a second translator. This additional stage is vital to ensure translations are suitable for their intended use.


We write your copy and localize it. If you’re looking for compelling copy for your advertising and marketing documents that convinces in any language, our creative flair and consistently professional approach always delivers first-class results. Our skilled, expert copywriters will work from your brief or help you define what it is you want to say and make sure your message reaches your target audience. Sometimes, translation is not enough. At your request, our writers will edit and rewrite your existing copy so it’s guaranteed to hit the high notes in the regions and markets in which you do business. We don’t just write and translate your copy, we localize it.

Desktop publishing

We go beyond translation.

Communication often works hand in hand with design and multimedia. The quality and appearance of your layouts will remain untouched once translated. We output out-of-the-box publishable translations without any further need of adjustment. If for any reason a document needs layout adaptation in order to be translated, we'd be happy to take care of it for you!


We make it easier for people to communicate verbally and visually.

Wherever in the world you need us to be, whatever the languages you need us to interpret, we’ll be there for you. You’ll find our professional, highly experienced interpreters at conferences and in business meetings, working with governments globally, in law courts, helping people in hospitals and anywhere you need them. Our people are expert at conference, simultaneous and liaison interpretation and we’re happy to supply any interpretation equipment you require.

Our interpretation services include:

  • Conference interpreting
  • Corporate interpreting
  • Telephone interpreting
Websites and software
Website translation

Addressing your audience in their language is a token of respect. And respect is mutual.

Often your website is the first touch point your prospects and customers encounter and first impressions do count. Our website localization solutions ensure your international audiences are able to enjoy your online content and engage fully with your organization.

  • CMS translations: Joomla, WordPress, Drupal
  • Markup files translation
  • Graphical assets translation and processing
Software localization

You can reach us from alpha to master! To launch software in multiple markets you need a dedicated team of experts to manage the localization process. We adapt to your workflow and target platform to make localization as fluent as possible. With our technical knowledge, it's our job to ensure asset localization you can integrate seamlessly.

Our expertise:

  • Extracted strings of text
  • Integrated string tables, PO, XML etc.
  • Graphical assets, images
  • Product help and tutorials
Language SEO

Let's strike a truce between translation and SEO.

In any market, offering language targeted content and products makes the difference! Don't let the language barrier impair the ranking or the visibility of your pages and products around the world. Providing you with ever relevant content perfectly positioned on both high and low competition keywords with strict respect of SEO standards is a must. Where it's up to you to provide perfect functional content for search engines, it's our mission to ensure your content remains ever relevant and competitive on the World Wide Web.

Linguistic testing

If you want your localized digital content to work for everyone, so do we!

We offer you a comprehensive linguistic testing procedure. You provide your final localized content, our team of linguists will thoroughly test it. You will benefit from constructive feedback and relevant localization bug reports.

  • Software testing
  • Website testing
  • Bug reporting according to your standards (JIRA, custom platform, Excel…)
Media translation

Time and character limitations are no match for our professional team. We offer concise, clear and lively subtitles, creating the ultimate viewing experience for all your projects.

Websites and social media provide the perfect showcase for moving content. The availability of these communication channels has contributed to strong growth in video marketing. Through video you have the ability to entertain, inspire and inform your audience.

The benefits of video also work on a global scale, making it an ideal way to communicate with your target audience. Our experts will help you take your message global. You'll be guided through video localization options, such as subtitling and script translation to ensure your video is ready for release in multiple languages.

Script translation

Our team involves experts in script translations and dubbing. We keep in mind all restrictions related to recording, formatting, culture and even lip-sync to offer seamless scripts for the dubbing of all your video assets. We encourage you to contact us for more info about this comprehensive service.


We provide you with 1 to 1 transcriptions of your multimedia content done by a professional native speaker for all your needs. Transcribing audio content is harder than it looks and we can spare you the struggle of this time consuming and demanding task.

Our tools and experience
Translation memory and consistency

Consistent management of your translation memory and terminology delivers translation results that are perfectly aligned with your unique preferences. You benefit from cost savings and a faster turnaround with our technology solutions ensuring you achieve the very best results possible. Our intelligent workflow ensures your project is taken through the translation process in the most efficient way. As a result you’ll receive the best value for every project, delivered quickly and of the highest quality standard.

The right tool for the right job

We work expertly with a wide variety of tools and software to best suit your needs. You won't have to worry about this esoteric InDesign or cryptic file falling in the wrong hands: it has no mystery for us!

  • Adobe Creative Suite, Photoshop, InDesign…
  • Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint…
  • Subtitling tools and software, Subtitle Workshop, VisualSubSync…
  • Content editors and syntax validators for XML, HTML, script files…
  • And many more!